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I am proud to welcome you to the website of NonClinical Insights !


NonClinical Insights is a privately owned company located in the south-east of the Netherlands and founded in January 2019. NonClinical Insights offers services related to all aspects of nonclinical development (i.e. from writing a drug development plan, to supporting you in meetings with regulatory authorities, and ‘everything in between’).


With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and over 10 years of experience in services in early drug development consultancy/operational support, with clients ranging from start-up companies to big pharma (both NCEs and NBEs and many different indications), a broad range of challenges in nonclinical development have been addressed and have strengthened my knowledge, experience, capability and insight. I also have a broad understanding of the drug development (regulatory) requirements as well as extensive knowledge of the ICH/GxP guidelines.


You are welcome to contact NonClinical Insights should you have further questions after having read through this website. I am confident that there is a way in which I can help you with the questions you have and the issues that you face.



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